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Business Owners

"Your Business is more than just an income, it's your life's work."

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We believe that all business is personal. We have built our careers on aligning investors and business owners who not only share a perspective of the market, but also share the same values. We have found that the greatest profits come not only from a meeting of minds but also from having a compatible approach to business operations and growth.


When we assist business owners with an M&A transaction, it is one of the most significant financial transactions they will complete in their lifetime. In most instances, building the company has been a tremendous achievement and being properly compensated is critically important. In addition to achieving a premium valuation, often there are other key requirements that must be met to fulfill the ideal transaction. As trusted advisors, we serve our clients with the high degree of respect and commitment to success that you would expect in such a dynamic process by carefully managing and guiding every aspect of the transaction, from the first meeting until closing.

The Transaction Process

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Our team understands that the process of selling your business or finding an equity partner is fundamentally different than running your daily operations.

Due Diligence

Once the LOI has been agreed upon, the investor and third party professionals will request more detailed information and will begin drafting legal documents. We will oversee every aspect of this extensive effort.

Initial Vetting

The owners will meet with our team to discuss your business history and operations, explore your goals in a potential transaction, assist you with valuation expectations, and consider together what will comprise an ideal transaction.



After preparing marketing materials for your approval, we will conduct a thorough and carefully crafted marketing process, which includes a comprehensive review of all key investor/buyer candidates. We will then educate those candidates about the business and the goals of the transaction.

Information Request

Our team will present an initial information request. This focuses primarily on the company’s financial performance through your Balance Sheets and Income Statements, as well as an evaluation of the company’s growth outlook. That will be followed by a very detailed review of business operations.

Letter of Intent

After multiple interactions with the best candidates, we will guide them as they draft their formal acquisition offer into a detailed Letter of Intent (LOI).


Once all legal agreements have been negotiated and signed, the transaction will be closed, and the proceeds will be wired directly to your account.

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