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Jared Earles


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Jared Earles is a finance professional with core strength in communication, research, data processing, mathematical and statistical methods, and market analysis of both public and private markets. In his role at Caddo Lake Capital, Jared focuses on deal sourcing, financial analysis, industry-specific research, and transaction management.

In his role at Caddo Lake, Jared creates added value for clients with his:

  • Key understanding of industry specific drivers of enterprise value

  • Ability to communicate with business owners and investors

  • Knowledge of best practices in buy side and sell side banking roles

  • Growing network of contacts, especially with private investors

Prior to joining Caddo Lake Capital, Jared was an Associate at Allegiance Capital. Some of his primary functions were:

  • CIM creation

  • Market intelligence

  • Buyer targeting and profiling

  • Investment thesis development and strategy

  • Fundamental and technical analysis

  • Communication and education about market conditions and the transaction

  • Data room administration

  • Valuation

Jared graduated magna cum laude from the University of California – Santa Cruz with a BA in Global Economics – East Asia focus and Chinese proficiency. He also received a certificate from Fudan University (复旦大学) in Shanghai, widely considered a “Chinese Ivy League” school.

Before completing his studies, Jared was a professional writer working as a screenwriter, playwright, magazine feature writer, and TV consultant. He also has experience working in a stock broker/dealer and in hotel and restaurant management. In his personal life, Jared is a world traveler, wine enthusiast, and sports fan.

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