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In the A-to-Z Wireless and Atlantic Street Capital transaction, principals of Caddo Lake Capital participated in every stage of a successful roll-up investment from the platform acquisition to the add-on strategy and execution to acting as a consultant on the exit.

Brent Earles and Fred McCallister were retained as sell-side advisors for Z Wireless (now A Wireless), a Verizon Wireless Premium Retailer. Z Wireless was acquired by Atlantic Street Capital in 2011. Atlantic Street subsequently engaged Earles and McCallister to lead their add-on acquisition effort, and consequently the two served as buy-side advisors as part of 12 add-on transactions.


In their capacity as buy-side advisors, Earles and McCallister worked closely with Atlantic Street Capital and the company’s management team to achieve an outstanding result for all parties involved. This roll up success story won numerous national awards, including the 2016 Consumer Discretionary Deal of the Year.


Success Story:

Verizon Wireless Retail

Acquisition of Select Communications

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Success Story

Future Telecom

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